Community Service

Everything You Need to Know About Community Service…and more

Community Service projects are well-planned, organized and voluntary efforts designed to address a specific need in the community. Community Service can be performed at county parks, libraries, public schools, hospitals, retirement/nursing homes, day care centers, churches and religious organizations, homeless shelters, Boy Scout/Girl Scout organizations, Special Olympics, campaigning for political candidates or camps.

No student may receive credit for community service for any time volunteered at a for-profit business, including (but not limited to) restaurants, lawyer’s offices, doctor’s offices, or accountants. Community service hours may not be performed at businesses owned and/or operated by a parent or other family member.

Community Service may not be performed for family or friends. No pay or material compensation may be received. Community Service cannot be performed during school hours.

No more than 25 hours of community hours can be earned at the school site (assisting teachers, homecoming decorations, etc).

Projects should by supervised by a private or non-profit agency, public or governmental agency or religious organization. When the project is completed, students must secure a letter of verification on company or organization letterhead verifying the community service and the number of hours volunteered. The dates and hours on the letterhead must match the information on the student’s log.

Students must have their proposal approved by the parent and counselor before beginning their community service.

Students must keep accurate logs of their community service including the date, service performed, initial of supervisor and number of hours.

When the Community Service hours are completed, students should make an appointment with the SAS counselor so confirmation of the hours can be documented in the computer. Students should bring the original forms plus one copy of logs, verification letters, and reflection pages for the counselor to keep in the student file. Make and keep copies of everything turned in for your own records.

Only hours volunteered after 8th grade graduation can be counted.

To participate in senior activities, community service hours must be completed and submitted to the SAS Counselor by the Winter Break of the senior year.

100 hours of community service are required to graduate from School for Advanced Studies.

100 hours of community service are required to receive the Florida Academic Scholars Award or the Superintendent’s Diploma of Distinction

100 hours of community service is one of the requirements for the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program’s Academic Scholars Award.