Tuition and Fees

Who pays the college tuition for dual enrollment courses?

Eligible public school students are exempt from registration, matriculation, or laboratory fees for courses taken through dual enrollment. Tuition is waived.

Who pays for textbooks?

Section 1007.271, F.S., specifies “Instructional materials assigned for use within dual enrollment courses shall be made available to students from Florida public high schools free of charge.” Early admission, listed in subsection (7), represents full-time dual enrollment, and the same statutory provisions apply. Students enrolled in home education programs or nonpublic secondary schools must provide their own instructional materials. Instructional materials purchased by a district school board or community college board of trustees on behalf of dual enrollment students shall be the property of the board against which the purchase is charged. Students may be responsible for materials that become the property of the individual student, such as an electronic license fee.